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Heliospectra: The Board appoints Ali Ahmadian new CEO

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Ledning: 6.0Ledning: 6.0
Ägarskap: 7.0Ägarskap: 7.0
Vinstutsikt: 6.5Vinstutsikter
Lönsamhet: 0.0Lönsamhet: 0.0
Finans.styrk.: 3.0Finansiell styrka: 3.0

Heliospectra today announces that The Board has appointed Ali Ahmadian new CEO. Ahmadian will take office February 1, 2017 and Heliospectra's current CEO Staffan Hillberg will continue to support the company as a Strategic Advisor, mainly on IR related questions. We have as of yet not been able to reach the company for comments. As previously communicated, we will come back with an update within short in which we will discuss the change of CEO, as well as provide our view of Heliospectra following the successful rights issue in Q4 2016.

Joel Westerström

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