Verisec: Q4 2016 comments

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Ledning: 8.0Ledning: 8.0
Ägarskap: 9.0Ägarskap: 9.0
Vinstutsikt: 6.5Vinstutsikter
Lönsamhet: 6.0Lönsamhet: 6.0
Finans.styrk.: 5.5Finansiell styrka: 5.5

Verisec reported a revenue of SEK 18.4 million which was in line with our estimates of SEK 18 million. EBIT was SEK -4.5 million, we expected EBIT SEK -3.8 million.

Estimates vs Actuals in detail: 


External cost at SEK 7.7 million was a little bit higher than our estimates, but still lower than in Q1 2016 (SEK 11.8 million) and Q2 2016 (SEK 11.5 million) when marketing efforts were higher. 

The year ended as follows: 
We are expecting high revenue growth in 2017 at 37 percent when agreements signed in 2017 will roll out. The majority of the growth are expected to come from the banking-vertical from clients like SBAB, Grupo Coopertivo Cajamar etcetera. We will make minor cost-adjustments in our financial projections in our research update.

Tomas Otterbeck

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