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Realfiction, a technological revolution? (Eng)

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Is now the time for Realfiction to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and show its rightful place in the investor heaven? The company potentially stands as a leader in a huge market with endless development opportunities that can take humans to a world that previously only existed in science fiction. A multi-billion market divided into 20 million shares in Realfiction holding AB, which we currently have the privilege of taking part of, with a substantial discount.

In January, the company announced that the license package will be ready within 11-14 months and that very promising meetings with the major global display manufacturers are booked for the spring 2021.

"The remaining part of the completion phase will take 11-14 months, upon which the license package will enable mass production of full-sized, high resolution multi-user ECHO 3D holographic display products at a price point affordable for a broad consumer base after scaling the production to meet the expected global demand.”

Since September 2020 to this day (2021-02-09), the share has fallen from 62.8skr to 15.55skr.

The reason for this drop, in my meaning, has to do with some ill-informed shareholders who have had unrealistic hopes of how far Realfiction had come in its development of this revolutionary display technology. And the fact that the larger masses did not understand the process of patenting technology.

This says a lot about the stock market culture that prevails right now where you follow trends and invest in “castles in the air” rather than fundamentals and potential values. Mostly because some do not have the patience to learn and read about the companies. If one person dumps, everyone dumps.

”Project ECHO represents the pinnacle of our dreams and visions, by symbolizing the holy grail of 3D experiences; free-floating holograms that require no glasses, devices or other lenses between the human eye and the effect, and where 3D objects can be viewed and interacted with from different angles. Until now, this display has existed purely in the realm of science fiction, but with the development of Project ECHO, we are on the path to materializing the big dream and bring it to market.”

September 24 2020 Realfiction announce.

"Realfiction announces publication of patent application and International Preliminary Report on Patentability for its ECHO display technology"

This means that they now have patent-protected "echo" and have exclusive rights to the technology during and after the patenting process when the patent has been approved. More patents are added to Echo's IP portfolio on an ongoing basis 

The development of a complete integration license package was launched during the summer of 2020 and the company has in 2020-11-19 announced that this work will be completed by Q1 2022.

” Realfiction Holding AB (“Realfiction”) announces that the company will develop a complete integration license package for its patent pending ECHO 3D display technology that includes all the technology and software solutions needed for integration into display products based on LCD or OLED technology. This next step in the development of ECHO follows a successful round of virtual meetings with flat screen industry entities, including a leading international research institute in Organic Electronics.”

But they also point out that agreements can be signed before the completion phase is over.

” I want to highlight that specific licensing opportunities for part or all of our ECHO IP portfolio and know-how and / or collaboration agreements involving the completion of future full-size displays, may well arise during the completion phase, with the most promising discussions with display manufacturers and consumer electronics companies now planned for the spring of 2021.” - Realfiction's CEO Clas Dyrholm

November 19 2020 Realfiction announce

"Realfiction announces its plan for completion of the ECHO integration license package"

We now receive information about the parts that remain to get the Echo technology to the commercial market.

“Realfiction has set the following goals for the 13-16 months ECHO completion phase:

  1. Step one of the completion phase is to conduct a feasibility study to pre-validate the optimized backplane by January 2021. The feasibility study is co-funded by a recent Innobooster grant from Innovation Fund Denmark.
  2. Step two is to finish the remaining subprojects needed to complete the ECHO integration license package no later than end Q1 2022. This will happen in collaboration with a couple of leading European research institutes and facilities. The ECHO integration license package is expected to include specification of components, illustrations and diagrams needed for a multi-user ECHO display to be manufactured.
  3. Meanwhile during spring 2021, the goal is to seek a parallel co-development agreement with a commercial display manufacturer for the backplane. Although this component will also be developed in Step two with European research institutes, a cooperation with one of the large manufacturers would speed up the process of bringing ECHO to commercialization.
  4. Throughout the entire completion phase, focus will be on continuously strengthening and safeguarding the company's ECHO IP portfolio. ”

A huge asset for the company is Amtran Technology which is one of the major owners (12.7%)

They will support Realfiction in the discussions that will be held with major display manufacturers.

"We are grateful to already have the support of the OEM LCD display manufacturer and large Realfiction shareholder AmTRAN when entering these discussions, as their industry knowledge and contacts could facilitate a more efficient exploration of our licensing and collaboration opportunities," says Realfiction's CEO Clas Dyrholm .

In this announcement we found out that the company had probably found a way to make the technology both cheaper and thinner and had started a feasibility study to find out if it was so.

“Realfiction has identified a potential further reduction in complexity compared to competing technologies of a central component of the ECHO technology, namely the backplane, thus potentially paving the way for even cheaper fabrication, a more rapid integration and thereby a shorter time to market, and a slimmer form factor for both the LCD and the OLED version.”

In the announcement posted January 29th of 2021, they had succeeded.

“With these positive results regarding our simplified ECHO fabrication approach, we have taken a significant step forward with the ECHO technology. This is of course great news for Realfiction, as we can now aim for a simplified fabrication approach resulting in an even slimmer form factor and a lower price point. And all of this is being done with high resolution multi-user capability in mind, which is above-and-beyond any possibly competing glasses-free technology known to us, even in the expensive enterprise segment,” says Steen Iversen, Realfiction's Director of Advanced Display Technology.”

This is a company that delivers what they promise and that most likely are the creators of a technology that could potentially become a new standard in (probably) all new TV displays that will be manufactured just a few years from now.

The company has a strong financial position and has taken measures to tighten expenses as the pandemic has had a negative effect on revenues. With the directed issue of shares that took place on 27-11-20, Realfiction expects to be able to complete the Echo technology, IP and the license package that remains for Echo to be ready for the commercial market in 2022.

"A first ECHO display product could potentially reach the market in 2023."

A technology that opens markets we could only dream of. If one disregards the regular TV market, which has a turnover of over 100 billion dollars every year and which is predicted to sell 266 million TVs in 2025, there are markets that will grow strongly once a holographic display becomes commercially available.

  • The global market of holograms is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of approximately 27.3% and increase by $ 2.5 billion between 2021-2026.

And with ECHO, I would think that Realfiction's technology will take a big chunk of that market.

  • Three-dimensional holograms may soon replace two-dimensional advertising and advertisements. Holograms can revolutionize the way companies and brands speak to potential customers. The global digital sign market is expected to reach $ 29.8 billion by 2024.

Imagine that advertising is directed at the customer in a 3D-hologram that the customer can integrate with and that is directed at each person individually.

  • With the help of AI, virtual, holographic assistants, cashiers and receptionists will soon be developed. The market of “the virtual receptionist / assistant is estimated to grow to just over $ 45 billion by 2027

In addition, holographic screens can be used for digital signs, in terminals, unmanned kiosks, receptions, checkouts, in public transport with self-driving buses, trains. Home care, medical care, CBT treatment, digital meetings, education, museums, digital conferences and event hosts, lectures, shows and entertainment.

The areas of use are endless. And the technology is licensed by Realfiction.


  • We are approaching spring of 2021 fast when announced meetings will be held with major global display manufacturers on cooperation.

” During the spring of 2021, Realfiction will seek a parallel co-development agreement with a commercial display manufacturer for the ECHO backplane. Although the backplane will also be developed with European research institutes, a collaboration with a large manufacturer could speed up the process of bringing ECHO to commercialization.”

  • I expect that international investors very soon will be interested and take a position in the company for the future. When the global market finds the technology and Realfiction, it will be difficult to get hold of shares.
  • When the world gains control of the covid-19 pandemic, Realfiction's Maas service should once again take off. A part of the business that before the pandemic was predicted to get Realfiction to reach "break even" in 2020. Which was not achieved when many events and campaigns (including the German department stores EDEKA) were postponed.
  • The patent application is approved no later than September
  • License agreement with display manufacturers
  • Progress achieved with the sub-projects

What is Echo and where can I read more about it and Realfiction?

Echo is a real holographic display technology. A free-floating, high resolution 3D hologram that requires no glasses, devices or lenses between the human eye and the effect. A 3D hologram that gives everyone in the room individual images in true perspective. With the ability to interact with the hologram.

Patented, unique, with "proof of concept" and with the opportunity to sign a license today.


 I own shares in Realfiction and expect everyone to create their own opinion of the company.

I see my investment as long-term and believe in a fantastic journey for many years to come


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