Image Systems

Market Cap 74.7M

Image Systems was founded 1954 by Carl Petterson under the name Rema Control. In 1964, the company developed a measuring tool that without contact could measure the diameter of a log, which was of great importance to the development of Image Systems. Image Systems develops and sells modern automation systems to sawmills (RemaSawco) and contactless measurement software to the aerospace, defence, paper and car industries (Motion Analysis). In 1999, Image Systems went public under the name Digital Vision and has since acquired three companies, with Image Systems acquired in 2011. Digital Vision were in 2014 sold for SEK 6m because of weak profitability. The sawmill industry has historically been the core business for Image Systems, but lately Motion Analysis has shown stable growth and an impressive gross margin. Image Systems has a history of losses, and in 2012 decided to scale down unprofitable businesses and focus on core areas in which it could deliver shareholder value.

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