Mytaste Group

Market Cap 57.9M

Mytaste Group is a digital media house headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company excels in constructing scalable and auto-generated web products. The concepts behind the products are language independent, which means they can be applied on a multinational level and are today represented in 48 markets spread out all over the world. myTaste was founded in 2003, and their share is traded on Nasdaq Stockholm First North. Mytaste Group has two divisions; Mytaste Shopping and Mytaste Food and Beverage. The Group has a focus on performance-based marketing and lead generation. Mytaste Food and Beverage; myTaste is one of the world's largest food sites with social functionality. The primary source of income is advertising. The segment consists of the Group's food-related sites; myTaste, Matklubben, Vinklubben, and Bodegashop.com. The most notable competitive advantages of myTaste are the networking effect; through the food blog network, adding scalability and user-generated social content. Mytaste Shopping; The segment has a focus on performance-based marketing within e-commerce with the prime assets of Kampanjjakt, AlltidRea and Outlet Sverige. The business unit also operates an e-commerce platform, Shopello, which promotes other web shops products and receives revenue through the mediation of traffic.

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