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First and foremost, Neonode, in a broader perspective, not only works with technology for touch displays but with human interaction in numerous ways. It is therefore important not to pigeonhole Neonode into solely touch display applications. Neonode pursues a multimodal approach and will integrate different types of sensors on its platform and use its own production technology and distribution network to be the front end. In addition, Neonode is surface independent, meaning it does not even need displays or glass. The new business model for Neonode’s touch technology will be manufacturing and selling of hardware modules instead of just licenses. The modules together with the ramp-up of new car and printer models on the won platforms is the key parts of the growth strategy. Besides its many technology competitive advantages Neonode has wide barriers to entry in its automotive focus (see further the investment case section. Listing: Listed on NASDAQ since 2007Locations: Headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden but global sales reach

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