Market Cap 696.3M

Nuevolution is a Copenhagen-based biopharmaceutical company, co-founded in 2001 by CEO Alex Haahr Gouliaev and today listed in Stockholm, Sweden. NUE uses its proprietary drug discovery platform Chemetics to generate novel small molecule drugs for hard-to-drug disease targets. The platform allows NUE to pursue multiple disease targets cost effectively and offers increased efficiency and quality of drug discovery. The business model revolves around Chemetics and two distinct value-drivers; (1) risk-sharing/”pre-sale” partnership deals to identify drugs for novel targets in collaboration with a partner, and (2) the development and out-licensing of internal projects. Revenues are generated from upfront and milestone payments as well as recurring royalties on future sales. NUE has earned about SEK 525 million in licensing revenue from 17 partner agreements to date and current deal structures offer multiple milestone opportunities in the coming years. The Company has delivered on their IPO promise of delivering deals as they signed a multi-target risk-sharing partnership with Amgen in October 2016 and out-licensed a program to Almirall in December 2016. Given the portfolio approach, NUE does not fall into the category of fully binary biotech companies, but rather into a class of more stable biopharma companies with some growth visibility. 

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