Research update


Orexo: Zubsolv Rx Data week 2, 2017

According to latest Symphony Health Solutions Rx data, Zubsolv tablets showed a market share of 5.64% (5.69%), 4-week rolling average. The total number of Zubsolv tablets sold week 2 (1) reaching 329,152 (304,453). Zubsolv prescriptions (TRx) recorded a market share of 5.59% (5.61%), 4-week rolling average. Total number of prescriptions reaching 11,617 (11,084) during the week.

The overall market (buprenorphine/naloxone) showed a y/y growth rate of 8.9% (8.6%) (4-week rolling average unit sales). TRx showed a y/y growth rate by 8.9% (8.2%) (4-week rolling average).

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