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Paynova: Q4 expectations

Paynova will release its Q4-report on Wednesday, February 14. Paynova is expected to report a SEK 9.4 million revenue with a EBITDA of SEK -3.5 million.


The newly announced clients “Tågkompaniet”, Fredells”, “” and “” are all great customers for Paynova but smaller than we had hoped for. We think all four contracts will generate approximately SEK 1-2 million each quarter in 2018.
Break-even on EBITDA-level will be reached in Q3 2018 according to our estimates. If the healthcare client is active at the beginning of 2018 our estimated revenue growth of 62 percent should be considered as conservative. Today the company released a press release that their business is expanded to Norway with existing customers. Of course, this is always an opportunity to sign new contracts. 

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