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Sivers IMA: Announces new 5G partnership

Today, Sivers IMA announced that the company has entered a 5G mmWave partnership with a North American leading provider of wireless products. We find the news very positive as it strengthens the credibility of Sivers IMA’s technology and increases the company's potential to grow with the emerging 5G market.

We have earlier highlighted the importance of partnership with established actors. This new partner will thus be added to Sivers IMA’s list of renowned 5G partners such as Ampleon and Fujikura. Today’s news thereby strengthens our view of the company’s technological strength and its prospects to grow with the emerging 5G market.

Sivers IMA has announced that the new partner is a North American leading provider of wireless broadband solutions but is not able to leave any further details about the company. Sivers IMA mentions that the parties already have initiated product development but that the deliveries of Sivers IMA’s 5G chip will take part during Q4 when the chip is expected to be completed. We find the latter interesting as it entails that the new partner has invested in Sivers IMA’s 5G RF component although it’s not fully completed yet.

Sivers IMA further mentions that its solution will be a key component in the partner’s plan to deliver millimeter wave products for 5G. Given that the client is referred to be “leading within wireless broadband solutions”, we find it plausible to speculate that the partner intends to use it for fixed wireless access (FWA) applications.

We expect the initial revenues from this partnership to be modest and consist of revenues from delivered components and possibly minor development fees. Our interpretation is, however, that the partnership could result in great revenues already during 2019 if the development and trials turn out successful and the partner decides to roll-out a complete solution with Sivers IMA’s RFIC.

All in all, we find this to be very positive news based on that we see the emerging 5G market to be Sivers IMA’s most promising growth opportunity. We look forward to following the development of the partnership and wish to get more details about the partner eventually.

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