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Talkpool: Breakthrough in the area of Internet of Things

Earlier today, Talkpool published that they won a purchase order with Digicel of USD 3m over a five year period, within the business segment IoT. Thus, reaching sales of USD 0.6m annually. We believe that the purchase order confirms Talkpool’s strong product portfolio within IoT, also that it is likely that more IoT-solutions (site monitoring solution) will be sold in less developed markets.

The site monitoring solution consists of a connectivity module (3G), that is connected to a diesel measurement which monitors the diesel level of the generator. This, in its turn, power the site. Before Talkpool’s acquisition of LCC, 3000 sites have been equipped with LCC’s connection-module.

In our reflection concerning the third quarter’s report, we mentioned that it is possible that Talkpool will use its product portfolio to launch its IoT-products in the Middle East, while using LCC IoT-solutions in areas like Haiti. Now, thanks to Talkpool’s strong position within O&M in Haiti, Talkpool has succeeded with their first IoT-as a service order. Furthermore, the purchase order confirms that Talkpool is currently dipping their feet in their third phase of their business plan. Phase 3 consists of assisting customers to convert from selling a product to selling a service.

In a broader perspective, if Talkpool’s site monitoring solution creates value for Digicel, it is likely that they will implement Talkpool’s IoT-solution in other markets than Haiti. Other countries that can follow is Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, which are two thirds and one half the market size of Haiti, respectively. Going forward, it is also likely that Talkpool will implement other IoT-solutions towards telecom-generators than diesel monitoring as part of their IoT-as a service.

We intend to discuss this event and its effects more in detail in our coming update after the Company’s report for the fourth quarter (March 30, 2018).

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