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Talkpool: Entering AdTech industry by the use of blockchain-technology

Earlier today, Talkpool published that it has founded the technology management company JoorsChain AG. Now, Talkpool will target the mobile AdTech industry. Talkpool will, in the beginning, own 100 % of the shares in JoorsChain AG, however, is expected to be a minority shareholder as a handful of partners have declared willingness to buy most of the shares.

Already on the 2nd of February, Talkpool published that it has co-founded JoorsChain. In today's press release, the management emphasizes that they want to have the right collaboration and partnerships. We, thus, believe that some of the partners are the following: Starfish Mobile International, Joors and TrueChain.

Talkpool will, as mentioned, own 100 % of JoorsChain initially to later be a minority shareholder, as partners will buy shares from Talkpool. However, we do not know how much Talkpool has invested in JoorsChain, nor how much it will receive from the partners. What is evident is Talkpool’s ambition to disrupt the AdTech industry.

Talkpool’s ambition with JoorsChain is to disrupt the advertising market by eliminating middlemen from the advertising process. Also, as half of the world’s population is still struggling to get internet access due to high data costs, a more adapted subscribtion model is needed. If the advertiser and the publisher know who they are targeting and how many clients will receive the ad, it will make it possible to develop new subscription models, which is more adapted for less wealthy people. Like a free-to-use internet subscription where one “pays” by exposing themselves to advertisement. This is in-line with what JoorsChain stated 4th of April that they propose to launch applications to help users to monetise online ads viewing and entitle them to free or subsidised internet for equivalent data limit.

JoorsChain according to Talkpool:
JoorsChain ecosystem can be explained as a four-party agreement. This agreement is between an Advertiser, a Publisher, a Mobile Network Operator and an Integrator. This for providing mobile data (or other means of payment) in exchange for viewing ads, sponsored apps or content on a mobile phone built-in token will trace everyone’s behavior and accommodate payment settlement. All data will be stored securely and signatures of data will be kept in the blockchain, based on TrueChain. Nobody can change it and everyone shares it. It significantly decreases probability of fraud. Using modern-day technologies like IoT, Bigdata and data analytics along with BlockChain enabled solutions ensures that JoorsChain is all set to transform the digital advertising industry for the better.

Believed partners:

Starfish Mobile International: Is the key sales channel for JoorsChain system. Starfish is an African Mobile Value Added Service. As of today, Starfish are mainly operating in middle region of African.

Joors: Prior known for its commercial based free-to-use subscription model.

TrueChain: TrueChain is currently focusing on the digital advertising industry Dapps, but is preparing for supporting all commercial Dapps. TrueChain is developing a state of the art public blockchain for real commercial decentralized applications (“Dapps”)

We will not adjust our base case valuation of SEK 50 per share. 

Read our comment (2nd of February) of the first press release regarding JoorsChain:

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