THQ Nordic

Market Cap 15,779.5M

THQ Nordic has since Lars Wingefors founded the company in 2011, established a strong platform and product portfolio under high growth and profitability. The company has approximately 100 employees and 270 full-time developers. The most important events in the company’s history are the acquisition of Austrian listed company JoWooD in 2011 and the US listed company THQ in 2013. Both of these businesses had incurred financial insolvency, which in this case means that the firm made these acquisitions out of their bankruptcy estate. This is also the simplest core of Lars Wingefors’s entrepreneurial business, when he sees an opportunity in buying something cheaper than he can sell it, he most certainly is interested. Since the company actively focus on growing their IP portfolio. Today the collection is comprised of 80+ different game franchises, which in the gaming industry is called intellectual property (IP). The game portfolio generates the lion share of the company’s revenue; in 2016 71 percent of income and 81 percent of gross profits came from their own IPs. The remaining part of sales and profit comes from global physical distribution.

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