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Verisec: Q4 Expectations

Verisec is expected to report SEK 21 million during its fourth quarter, representing 22 percent growth. EBIT is expected to improve somewhat relative to last quarter to approximately SEK 0 million with a gross margin of 71 percent. The order today with virgin media business for UK councils - signifies the long-term growth trajectory, albeit, it will take time to gain traction.

The continous roll-out among its existing customers such as BBVA for Freja ID solution should mean an enhanced growth going forward but it can be volatile between quarters dependent on the bank's plans and its customers accmulated demand. During the quarter it was also announced another Thales contract in Middle East/Dubai which is inline with its growth plans and can allow further expansion to its own portfolio in the longer term.   

In essence these varied efforts continues to reflect what Verisec is trying to achieve to find markets that are unexploited with large potential in the short or long-term and perhaps overlooked by the competition. In the report we will also look out for more specific information regarding its expansion phase. The report will be published 18th February.

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