Waystream Holding

Market Cap 34.4M

Waystream is a Swedish company that sells software-based routers and switches for fibre broadband networks. The company’s CEO is Mats Öberg and its chairman is Peter Kopelman. The company has 28 employees and is headquartered in Kista. Its customers are operators and others that deploy fibre networks to users such as metropolitan networks, utilities and service providers. Two of its activities will play a significant role looking forward – the launch of its new MPC480 platform and international expansion. MPC480 allows Waystream to create a complete offering and expand its customer base to include major players (Tier 2). Waystream distinguishes itself as a flexible and customer-oriented supplier. Its flexible business model is based on the option of separate software licenses (using the company’s own operating system, iBOS) that add functionality to meet customer needs. We see this flexibility as one of the company’s main competitive advantages. Sales in 2016 amounted to SEK 60 million and EBIT was SEK 0 million. Waystream has been listed on First North Stockholm since November 2015.

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