Xvivo Perfusion

Market Cap 4,060.7M

Xvivo Perfusion is a medtech company focused on the area of transplantation. The company was a part of Vitrolife until 2012 when it was spun off and listed at First North. Marketed products focus on the area of lung transplantation, where the company's product Perfadex currently holds a dominant position in the market for cold preservation solutions used prior to lung transplants. The company has also launched a STEEN Solution and the XPS which are used for warm perfusion of lungs.   The acquisition of Vivoline in 2016 strengthens the company's position in the area of lung transplantation and also meant that the research portfolio was broadened to heart transplantation. Furthermore, Xvivo Perfusion has a research portfolio with projects within liver and heart transplantation and isolated tissue therapy. Xvivo Perfusion work with distributors on some markets, but the relatively few clinics enable the company to cost-effectively establish business relations with the customers in the most important markets. In 2016, the company had about SEK 120 million in revenues in 2016 and an EBITDA margin of 11.5 percent. 

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