Xvivo Perfusion

Market Cap 3,458.7M

Xvivo Perfusion is a Swedish medtech company focused on solid organ transplantation and thorax surgery. The company was a part of Vitrolife until 2012, when it was spun off and listed at First North. Having acquired the competitor Vivoline in 2016, the company holds a dominant position in the core areas of ex vivo lung transplantation (EVLP) and lung preservation. The acquisition also broadened the company's technology and research portfolio to other types of solid organ transplantation. Today, Xvivo Perfusion is listed at the main market and has both marketed products and product candidates that are undergoing clinical development. The company sells through distributors in some markets, but the relatively few clinics performing solid organ transplantation enables the company to cost-effectively support customers in the most important markets. In 2017, the fast-growing company had about SEK 148 million in revenues and an EBITDA margin of about 15 percent.     

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