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Xvivo Perfusion: Collaboration with United Therapeutics

Xvivo Perfusion announced a collaboration with United Therapeutics during the morning, where the two companies will work to reduce organ shortage. Within the collaboration, Xvivo Perfusion’s technology for ex-vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) will be incorporated in United Therapeutics laboratory in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The American biotech United Therapeutics is already active in organ transplant through Lung Bioengineering, a subsidiary of its public benefit corporation Lung Biotechnology. Lung Bioengineering is currently conducting research within the areas of ex-vivo perfusion, xenotransplantation and organ manufacturing and has an ongoing clinical trial in the USA and Canada, where the company is investigating the benefits of EVLP. Under the collaboration, Lung Bioengineering will purchase several XPS machines from Xvivo Perfusion and promote the use of EVLP, while Xvivo Perfusion will provide training and consumables for the use of the machines.

We see the collaboration as a good strategic move, where Xvivo Perfusion can, in an efficient way, continue to develop their EVLP technology and raise the awareness of the benefits of using EVLP, which we believe still is in its infancy. With regards to the news and the expected future income flows, we raise our fair value to SEK 110 (105) per share.

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