Fight Cancer 2021 – Jan 21st

January 21 2021


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January 21 2021


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Live stream at

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Redeye Fight Cancer Seminar 2021

The fight against cancer is one of the major focus areas in the global biotech industry. We have invited some of the leading Nordic companies in this field to give updates on their priorities, challenges and expected progress during 2021.

The event will include an introduction to the theme by Niklas Elmhammer & Ludvig Svensson, both analysts at Redeye, followed by the company presentations and a Q&A-section, with questions from the Redeye analyst and from viewers of the live broadcast.

Participating companies:

Alligator Bioscience

Ascelia Pharma

Bioinvent International



Isofol Medical



Spago Nanomedical



Companies and schedules may change before the event starts. Save the date to your calendar by using Add to calendar.