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Aspire Global: Q2 preview, Expecting Corona Boost

Redeye Research Note timeStamp 2020/08/18

Redeye expects to see a substantial Corona Boost in Aspire Global´s revenues for the second quarter. Online casino focused companies have, so far, reported robust sequential growth in the second quarter. Aspire Global has an extensive exposure towards online casino and a strong momentum in its underlying business.

The second quarter started very well for Aspire Global, with a 20% sequential increase in the trading volumes in April. We made modest assumptions that the revenue level quickly would return to more normal levels. As a result, we estimated a 10% sequential growth in the second quarter.

Based on the reports by online casino focused companies, the strong momentum at the start of the quarter seem to last throughout the second quarter. Aspire Global had a substantial exposure towards the online casino segment, with about 95% of the revenues from online casino pre-corona.  This indicates that Aspire Global´s sequential growth likely will come in above our estimated 10%.

Meanwhile, we have seen a rapid pace on the commercial side with new partnerships on potent markets and Pariplay continuing to add value to the group.

We will get back with a comment following the release of the report.



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