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Sensys Gatso: Impressive recruitment

Redeye Research Note timeStamp 2021/01/20

This is a short note about yesterday's announcement of Pär Degerman as the company’s new CTO. 

We are very positive towards the selection of Pär Degerman. Sensys Gatso especially highlights Degerman’s software development knowledge and his experience in autonomous driving and automotive in general. Degerman is currently the CTO of Einride that specializes in electric, autonomous trucks. Prior to that, Degerman worked 11 years at Scania, primarily within active safety. Moreover, Degerman was awarded CIO of the year in 2020 by CIO Sweden.

The former CTO, Timo Gatsonides, has voluntarily decided to quit. Following spending virtually his whole life in the traffic safety business, Mr. Gatsonides is looking for a new challenge, but he will stay as an advisor to the company. With a larger order backlog than ever and Degerman on board, Gatsonides is certain that the company is in safe hands. Mr. Gatsonides says the commitment from the Gatsonides family will not change.  The Gatsonides family holds 18% of the outstanding shares.

The extensive CTO recruitment process has been going on for several months. Consequently, the company says it has nothing to do with the ongoing investigation, i.e. the timing of the news is very unfortunate, but it is a coincidence. We indeed find it unlikely that one can recruit such a good CTO candidate in just a few days’ time.

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