The Cybersecurity Investment Case

Surging cyber-attacks, cloud penetration, increased network connectivity, and the growing complexity of disruptive cyber-attacks, are all drivers supporting a growing cybersecurity need.

Platform approach

Trends point towards a platform approach whereby one vendor ideally covers all security needs with one single solution (a very difficult endeavour though). Companies achieving this will be the winners when looking forward. We also believe attractive areas of security will be those that offer tools and services to help improve the manageability of security architectures.

Tranformation to detection and response

Enterprises are transforming their security spending strategy, moving away from prevention-only approaches to focus more on detection and response. The shift to detection and response approaches spans people, process and technology elements. This has also created new security product segments and revenue opportunities.

Far from maturity

The cybersecurity industry is far from maturity. Many new companies with new approaches and technologies are constantly emerging, leading to a highly fragmented sector. This leads to considerable volatility, consolidation potential, and technology risks, as the industry follows the constant arms race of attacker against defender.