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Research-powered investment banking

We believe the biggest innovations in the 21st century will be at the intersection of life sciences and technology and the Nordic countries will be a hot spot for it.

A focus on tomorrow's growth companies

We keep our eyes focused on technology based businesses in the Nordic countries that compete in the global arena. These innovative companies provide people with a better standard of living by supplying better information and allow more control over their living conditions. We seek companies with disruptive technologies or ability to leverage existing technology to create new market opportunities.

Matching Companies with the right investors

Redeye is built on industry insights and deep domain expertise and designed to apply these skill sets to monetize value for all stakeholders and partners that are interested in the future of our client companies. Our premise is that a collaborative approach with both investors and corporations is the best strategy for creating value for our clients. With enabling technology we aim to match our clients with the right strategic capital and connect them with people where we believe there are strong synergies.

Stocks under coverage


We are passionate about the industry verticals we cover and dig deep for insights while all the while staying current with market trends. Our analysts produce comprehensive ratings and in-depth research because we are committed to educating investors and helping them think out of the box. Our sector expertise and empathy for entrepreneurs is what truly sets us apart from the competition.