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Want access to a model portfolio that’s consistently outperformed the market for over 10 years? With premium membership, you get exactly that. With unparalleled access to our expert-curated ‘Top Picks’, you’ll never be left wondering how to move forward with your investments again.

Based on Redeye’s unique research and rating model, the portfolio investment strategy identifies and utilizes the companies within the Redeye Universe most likely to succeed. These tools also support you in knowing when to buy, hold, and sell.

As a premium member, you’ll follow our board of specialists online in their selection and timing of investments. You’ll learn by reading their motivations and by taking part in the process, with or without investing your own money. You not only have access to investment experts but a window into their decision making process.

Premium members have access to:

Become a Premium member for only 299 SEK/month.

There is no notice period, you can cancel your Premium membership whenever you want.

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Premium transactions

Sometimes it’s hard to get access to companies that are up and coming or experiencing exciting growth opportunities. These companies are often oversubscribed, but as a premium member, you’ll be guaranteed top-notch access to selected opportunities and transactions. No more missing out or waiting in line to invest.

Frequently asked questions

  • A Premium membership will entitle you to benefits you won't get anywhere else. You gain access to all our best investment tools, exclusive updates and exciting offers. This includes our Top Picks portfolio, exclusive Redeye research, Premium transaction offers and much more.

  • Every year we are financial advisors in several transactions in exciting growth companies. Many of these transactions have previously been over-subscribed, which has resulted in some investors not getting their desired allotment. This is how the idea of a special transaction offer for our Premium members was born. In selected transactions, we plan to reserve tranches of shares that will be available only to our Premium members. The number of such shares available will normally be limited. They may either include a guaranteed allotment (according to the “first come first served” principle) or in some Premium transactions a prioritization in coordination with the respective company. Each Premium transaction offer is unique when it comes to the amount of shares, applicable benefits and rules. As a Premium member you will automatically be notified as soon as there is a new transaction offer available.

  • We offer Premium allotment on selected transactions. You can easily identify transactions with a Premium offer by looking for a red box on our transaction page that says Premiumteckna Aktier. View all our current transactions on our Transaction Page.

    If you have any questions, please contact us! or +46 (0) 8 545 013 30

  • Redeye Premium costs 299 SEK per month.

    The amount is deducted from your chosen bank account on a monthly basis, the date of deduction depends on when you became a Premium member. For example, If you start your Premium subscription on May 7th, the next deduction of 299 SEK will be June 7th.

  • To change your card details, go to Payment Settings and enter your new card details. To find Payment Settings, simply click on Settings at the top right corner of our website, under Members Network. You may also use the link below:
    Payment Settings

  • You can cancel your Premium membership whenever you want, there is no term of notice.
    Simply get in touch with us and we will help you out!