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Top picks is our model portfolio and consists of the best investment ideas right now from our most experienced analysts. All the companies in the portfolio are handpicked after exensive research.

Every week you will be automatically notified regarding transactions, updates from the portfolio manager, the performance of the portfolio and what the next step might be. Closed Positions allow you to see all the previous holdings and their impact on the performance of the portfolio.

Sensys handlas till historiskt låga nivåer

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  • Research Notes
  • 2018-04-20

Sensys värderingsintervall justerades nyligen ned och Trump-oron spökar i bolaget. Aktien är ned 40 procent sett över de senaste 3 månaderna. Aktien handlas mellan Redeye Bear Case och Redeye Base Case. Vi har tagit en pratstund med vår analytiker Viktor Westman.

Premium Flow

In the Premium Flow you will find exclusive Redeye research that has previously been available only to institutional investors. You will also find Investment Notes, where we interview our analysts regarding companies and investment cases. All this content gives you an edge when it comes to making smart investment decisions and reduce risk in your current holdings. To give you the best position to act on our updates and research we will notify you in real-time via e-mail when something is published.

In Premium Flow you will also find two additional portfolios, one focuses on Life Science and the other one on Technology. The companies in the portfolios are handpicked by our experienced Tech team and Life Science team.

Premium Transactions

We conduct a considerable amount of transactions in exciting growth companies. Many of these transactions have previously been oversubscribed, which have resulted in some investors not receiving their desired allocation. Through our unique role in selected transactions we are able to guarantee or prioritize allocation to our Premium members.

We intend to offer Premium allocation of shares in several upcoming transactions. As a Premium member, you will automatically be notified when there is an IPO or rights issue.

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