Corporate Broking

Nurture your financial brand

”We believe that ownership and access to capital is key for any business’ success. With this in mind, we try to help our clients to build a strong, engaged, and long-term ownership of their business as well as a strong and well-positioned financial brand.”

Increase your investor outreach

We aim to grow, maintain and deepen market understanding of our clients’ longer-term equity story and enhance the credibility of their businesses.

Keep you on top of the markets

We act as our clients’ eyes and ears in the stock market by providing timely feedback on investor perception and how they stack up compared to peers and to the market at large.

Provide you with strategic advice

We provide on-going advice to help our clients better manage their relationships with the market and how to position the company vis-à-vis comparable companies.

Optimal shareholder structure

We aim to ensure that our clients get an optimal shareholder structure and build a strong and well-positioned financial brand that is not about the short-term gains. This demands a proactive approach to maintain a deep and broad market interest in our corporate clients.

The deeper and broader the client’s shareholder base is, the less volatility and more liquidity its stock should experience. Outlined below is a graphic of our approach, based on three key factors that underpin the quality of trading in a stock.

shareholder structure

Cultivate a fair value rather than high value

If this approach is handled properly it will not just minimize the daily share price swings, but ultimately contribute to a realistic valuation based on facts rather than dreams. Here research coverage plays an important role in facilitating understanding and valuation awareness. Making it easier to get on investors’ radar and adjust their estimates, regardless of whether it means decrease or increase in the share price.

Overvaluation can be as negative as undervaluation because it can lead to a sudden drop in price as well as an increased price and volume volatility when additional information becomes available. The stock chart below depicts share price movement of two fictive and identical companies in order to showcase how share price volatility impacts market value. A reduction of volatility corresponds to a reduction of capital costs, and hence a higher valuation.

value gap

Distribution that matters

Once Redeye’s research is published it is distributed to a vast audience to help build awareness about our clients. This includes our proprietary register of many thousands of members in our investor network and leading institutional research libraries such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. We also allow links to our research from a variety of retail websites as well as our clients' own website and investor relations pages.

The graphic below illustrates the importance and breadth of Redeye’s distribution network of institutional and sophisticated retail investors, who many times are below the priority line of most investment banks.

distribution price graph

Don’t forget to look out for the little guy

At the outset of each mandate we review the shareholder structure and suggest ways to widen and improve the investor base. Naturally, management wants to spend most of their time courting institutional investors. The importance of retail investors is often overlooked.

However, having retail investors in the mix is often desirable. Retail investors are viewed as loyal, long-term investors with volatility-killing powers, stable liquidity providers, and they also contribute to a company’s name recognition. Institutions often buy or sell en masse, so retail investors help dampen volatility when news hits, whether positive or negative.

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Erik Kramming

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My Thing

I love sports, all sports. Both as a participator and as a couch potato in front of the TV. Like the Champions League final 2005, when Liverpool turned 0-3 into victory after a penalty shoot out. Pure magic.


How do companies succeed? Which are the underlying problems they are seeking to solve? Who are the people behind the company? These are the questions that preoccupy my waking hours as a corporate broker at Redeye. My main mission is to guide companies in the tech sector towards the right type of owner, which, if you ask me, is the single most important answer to the first question above.


Greger Johansson

+46 70 607 92 70

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I love travelling and playing tennis. I’m also fond of red wine from the new world and of good food. Other interests are engineering and computer programming.


I have a background from the telecom industry, both from large companies as well as from entrepreneurial companies in Sweden and USA. I also spent 15+ years in investment banking. Furthermore, at Redeye I advise growth companies within the technology sector on financing, equity storytelling and getting the right shareholders/investors.


Jan Lundström

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On my free time I am an active land and forest owner in northern Sweden (Västerbotten). I partake in all the activities involved in keeping a healthy forest; cutting, grubbing up, plantation, trenching and forest clearing. Besides that I enjoy good tasting champagne, why not a glass of Jacques Selosse or Pol Roger.


In my role as a corporate broker I am client manager for 10 companies in the life science area. With a solid background as an asset manager I am also very comfortable with questions concerning financial analysis and corporate finance. As well as doing business in Russia and Eastern Europe. In Russian, if needed.