Market Cap 466.2M

Acconeer is a semiconductor company in Lund, Sweden, who went public in December 2017. It develops and sells radar sensors, with a fabless business model, to manufacturers of electronics. The manufacturing partners are some of the World's largst (Global Foundries & Amkor). Acconeer has developed a radar with a minimal footprint (5x5x1 mm) that is 10 times smaller and comes at a 10 times lower cost, compared to competing radars. Its real claim to fame though is that the power consumption is 50 times lower than competition. As for competitive disadvantages, radar technology is complex in general and requires a lot of education of the customer but at the same time Acconeer is company of minor size that competes with giants. Acconeer needs to start building revenue sources in order to be seen as a reliable supplier for larger companies. The growth strategy is based on a few important pillars such as selling on Digi-Key, World's largest online distributor (450 000 customers) and via Uniquest, South Korea's largest eletronics supplier. Acconeer has other, local, niche distributors across the World as well. The company's current focus areas is robotic lawn mowers/vaccum cleaners, parking sensors, level measurement (incl.waste management) and automotive.  

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