Addnode Group

Market Cap 3,426.3M

Addnode Group was established in 2003 and is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. In 2016 Addnode had a turnover of SEK 2.2 billion, with an EBITDA of SEK 113million. Addnode Group is divided into three business areas: Design Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Process Managemen. The business segments operate in different regions with about 25 different brands. Operating margin varies considerably between the various business areas where the most profitable can perform up to 20 percent. Addnode Group uses a very decentralized management model where the individual subsidiaries are run by management teams to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit. A key growth strategy in Addnode Group is to grow through acquisitions, which they managed to do successfully in recent years. The company's own financial goals is to reach a growth of 10% per year (both organically and through acquisitions), an EBITA margin of 10% and at least 50% of profit after tax will be distributed to shareholders.

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