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The Pivotal Point For AVTECH

AVTECH is a leading software company within the aviation industry. The company is currently on the verge of significant growth and profitability with its Aventus NowCast Descent product and will soon start to expand its offering within the full flight envelope market.

AVTECH is positioned for growth due to the largely untapped market and Southwest Airlines being a paramount reference customer to secure future Aventus NowCast contracts. Escalation in regulatory pressure from the US and Europe will most likely lead to more attention for AVTECH’s solutions.

At an entity level, the DCF and multiple analysis indicates a value of 7 SEK per share with a cash position of approximately 40 MSEK. Thus, future revenue growth is by large priced in. The bear and bull case scenarios indicate 4.5 SEK and 15 SEK respectively. EV/EBIT scenarios indicate a share price between 7 – 10 SEK per share.

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