Market Cap 816.7M

Bredband2 supplies communication services to consumers and corporate customers throughout Sweden, and offers internet, voice, data centres and mobile broadband. The company is Sweden’s third-largest provider of internet access using fibre technology, with around 200,000 broadband customers. Its focused positioning in the fast-growing fibre market is a competitive advantage for the company. However Bredband2 is still a small player with the usual drawbacks arising from this, such as in terms of financial muscle. On the other hand, the company’s business model is based on leasing into the networks of other providers, which means Bredband2 avoids upfront investments in so-called passive infrastructure. Bredband2 has instead built up active infrastructure in more than 80 percent of the Swedish metropolitan networks that are open to the market. It is from this infrastructure in the consumer market that the company has targeted growth in the corporate market for the past year or so.  Bredband2 was founded in 1989 and is traded on First North. In 2016 the company, with its approximately 90 employees, had sales of SEK 451 million and EBIT of SEK 34 million.

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