Clavister Holding

Market Cap 317.1M

Clavister develops, manufactures and sells network security solutions for mobile network operators and enterprises. The company’s solutions are based on proprietary software. It is within the new industry, telecom (or Communication Service Providers segment), which the potential for “game changing” deals lies. Customers within the enterprise sector are municipalities, retailers, banks, service providers, etc. In the telecom sector, Clavister targets telcos (partnerships) with mobile operators as final customers.   In 2015 Clavister entered a partnership with Nokia Networks. More specifically Clavisters security virtual network function (VNF) is an integral part of the Nokia NetGuard Security portfolio that protects network infrastructure. In short Nokia NetGuard Security is Nokia's answer to the expected rollout of virtualized security solutions. Clavisters first order for the virtual telecom solution from Nokia was received in mars 2017, and today, total orders amounts to 14.   Clavisters software is licensed primarily based on capacity, which means that Clavisters revenues increase in parity with the data in the network. To achieve optimal flexibility in a dynamic and cloud-based infrastructure, Clavister offers a flexible business model that enables scale-up and scale-out in a cost effective manner. The business model is based on the required total throughput and capacity, with unlimited number of deployed security VNF (instead of capacity per single VNF compared to other VNF business models). Compared to physical network security appliances, entry-level investments and total cost of ownership are lowered. Clavister has ~155 employees, with head office in Örndksöldsvik. 

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