Formpipe Software

Market Cap 1,089.5M

Formpipe Software provides ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions to public sector clients in Sweden and Denmark as well as the global Life Science industry.The company is since 2010 listed on the OMX Small Cap stock exchange. As of early 2016, Formpipe has around 240 employees and is headquartered in Stockholm, but also has a big part of its workforce in Denmark. The company has a turnover of over 350 MSEK with an EBIT-margin of around 6-8% the last years, which is well below historical averages and productivity software peers. The ECM market comprises systems that capture, process, store, archive and deliver information in a systematic way. This allows companies, organizations and public authorities to manage the continuously increasing flow of information in a connected, digital world. Through using ECM solutions, they can therefore increase their productivity, efficiency and even reduce risks in their business.Formpipe's key market segments, the Swedish and Danish public sector, are regarded as relatively advanced in their use of ECM solutions. They are ahead of the private sector, mostly due to regulatory pressure. Formpipe's key competitors in the Nordics are Software Innovation (NO, part of Tieto Group), Ida Infront (SE, part of Addnode Group), KMD (DK), SBYS (DK) and Essvision. We see Formpipe however in a leading position in their key customer and product segments.

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