Nitro Games

Market Cap 164.4M

Nitro Games is a mobile game developer and as of recent a publisher with a decade of experience in developing games for the mid-core user segment. Nitro Games has a long history of stable cash flows from developing contracts from bigger publishers which minimise risk in the business model. Currently a majority of Nitro Games 30 employees are working with a mobile game that will be published by, the creators behind “World of Tanks” the seventh highest grossing game on PC in 2016. Nitro Games second business area is developing and publishing mobile games. Nitro Games has adapted its business model closely after market conditions. The company utilizes its own NG Platform -technology that allows it to develop and publish high-end mobile games with impressive graphics and modular design under a short period of time. This is, as well as the company’s MVP-process, are according to Nitro Games, unique strengths as they allow a cost-effective development of the games portfolio.

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