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Polygiene’s brand is based on its Polygiene Odor Control Technology, with a strategy built on ingredient branding similar to that of Gore-Tex or Windstopper. The company is currently the leading ingredient brand in the sport and outdoor segment, and focuses on premium brands for all kinds of clothing (sports, leisure, fashion, work), footwear and home textiles. Its customers (often called partners by the company) include Adidas, Patagonia, Athleta and Hugo Boss. The list of partners has increased from around 25 (2009) to more than 100 (2017). The additive itself is based on silver salt (silver chloride) made from recycled silver, and is currently used for textiles, foam, plastic or paint. In addition to its additive and ingredient branding, the company uses a comprehensive solution in order to work with the entire value chain and strengthen its competitiveness. These activities include application training for customers’ textile factories, brand training for customers' employees, consumer surveys, responsibility for customer support and complaints related to the Polygiene brand, and labels. The company employs ~20 people and is headquartered in Malmo. In addition, the company has agents and distributors in over 20 locations worldwide and an advisory board. In 2017 sales were SEK 76 million and EBIT SEK -6 million. Polygiene has been traded on First North Stockholm since March 2016.

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