Market Cap 5,090.8M

Systemair was founded in 1974 by Gerald Engstöm who is still main owner and since 2015 chairman of the board. The original product and business idea was a round duct fan that improved the air flow in ventilation systems. Since then, step by step, the company has added to their range and today Systemair probably has the most extensive offering in the European market. Availability and reliable deliveries are important key values. That means a broad range of standard products should always be ready for delivery. The products must be robust and easy to install and operate. Systemair is also a quality brand but they are not into tailor made solutions.  The group has some 20 production facilities in Europe, Asia and North America. More than 5 000 employees and subsidiaries in more than 40 countries on all continents. In fiscal year 2016/17 turnover amounted to SEK 6.9 billion and pre-tax profits SEK 410 million. Head office is Skinnskatteberg, Sweden. The shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm main market since year 2007.   

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