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Talkpool: Going Blockchain

On Friday, Talkpool published that they entered the holy area of blockchain-technology. The news came as a surprise as we did not include blockchain in our investment thesis. Talkpool has together with Joors co-founded a consortium called “JoorsChain”. Also, they have together with TrueChain developed a blockchain-platform to support telecom operators, media and ad-tech in transforming the mobile internet advertising industry. The main purpose of the introduction of JoorsChain is to eliminate the non-transparent advertising system which will eliminate frauds like boots, fake users and click on ads to claim revenue.

TalkPool’s role in the JoorsChain platform is to be the client development and validator. We assume that Talkpool will generate sales as they evaluate contracts in the following way. First, the validation nodes will get rewarded for each block they contribute to. Secondly, the ACS server will be rewarded for their participation in sub-chains and their processing work of Advert contracts. Furthermore, the Company states that it will enhance Talkpool’s integration offering, however, this is still unknown.

When reading the white paper of JoorsChain we believe that an Initial Coin Offering (similar to a share issue) is likely to occur because of the fact that they disclosed the distribution scheme, see below. However, we could not tell any specific date when the ICO would occur, neither the total amount of money raised (sometimes unlimited) nor the price of the token (Joorscoin). Also, JoorsChain must show how it adds value as there are plenty of ICO:s each day. This makes it hard for investors as well as companies to orientate in the vast amount of blockchain-based currencies. Therefore, we believe that the partners, Starfish Mobile International and TrueChain plays a major part concerning marketing of the blockchain-technology to other companies. Furthermore, we believe that some kind of Pre-ICO already has happened. Joorscoin is said to be able to be traded on multiple exchanges, which in turn can be exchanged to fiat currencies. If Talkpool will succeed with an ICO, they will be the first public company in Sweden with such an achievement.

·         35% of tokens will be sold to external investors

·         25% of tokens will be kept by for contingency

·         25% of tokens will be used for founding team and personnel incentives

·         15% of tokens will be allocated to community incentives

Further explained, 35% will go to external investors, 25% will be kept by, 25% will go towards the founders and the employees who work with the JoorsChain platform, lastly, 15% will be allocated for the external miners and the developers of the open source network. One thing to take into consideration is that an ICO does not have a real limit of “printed” currencies. Therefore, the total amount of money raised for this ICO as well as the price of the token is not known.

In short, regarding the limited information, we cannot make any adjustments in our forecast. However, we think that the blockchain-technology is very interesting and we will as usual comment whenever more information is published. 

About JoorsChain

JoorsChain ecosystem can be explained as a four-party agreement. This agreement is between an Advertiser, a Publisher, a Mobile Network Operator and an Integrator. This for providing mobile data (or other means of payment) in exchange for viewing ads, sponsored apps or content on a mobile phone built-in token will trace everyone’s behavior and accommodate payment settlement. All data will be stored securely and signatures of data will be kept in the blockchain, based on TrueChain. Nobody can change it and everyone shares it. It significantly decreases costs of fraud and records are kept forever. For more information regarding JoorsChain ecosystem please visit: (


Starfish Mobile International: Is the key sales channel for JoorsChain system. Starfish is an African Mobile Value Added Service. As of today, Starfish are mainly operating in middle region of African.

Joors: Prior known for its commercial based free-to-use subscription model.

TrueChain: TrueChain is currently focusing on the digital advertising industry Dapps, but is preparing for supporting all commercial Dapps. TrueChain is developing a state of the art public blockchain for real commercial decentralized applications (“Dapps”). 

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