Market Cap 155.3M

Westpay supplies transaction and payment solutions to merchants, end customers of the company's products include ÖoB, Polarn and Pyret and JC. The company's various products help to streamline shopping and payment in physical environments. The company has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North since 2007. Westpay has evolved from being a pure hardware company and distributor to be more of a software company through transaction and payment solutions. This can clearly be seen in the company's gross margin, which has increased from 28% in 2010 to around 56% in 2017. West International is active in the POS (Point-Of-Sales) industry. POS means all components required for merchants handle transactions and payments by customers. This includes everything from card terminals, self-checking, cash register software, receipt fees to cash registers in the cash registers. West operates within the subcategories to the POS industry; Card terminals, Self-service, and Cash-handling equipment and are now moving into online payments. The West terminals can be found at, among other things, Malmö Arena, ÖoB, Polarn and Pyret, JC to name a few. The company is now conducting investments to step up the value chain as well as an international expansion to attractive emerging markets

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