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Sivers Semiconductors: Interview with CEO Anders Storm (video)

Redeye Research Interview timeStamp 2020/11/16

Redeye has interviewed Anders Storm, the CEO of Sivers Semiconductors, regarding e.g. today's Q3 report, the new design wins, and the new module.

I think we should start with the report because there were some items in the report that made it a bit hard for investors to read. But the underlying costs are down Y/Y.

Yes, correct. If we look at it, we had slightly lower sales. But in general, if we look at the EBITA level with adjustments, I think that we had a much better quarter. So almost +9.5 million SEK compared to last year.

Tell us about the two new design wins in fixed wireless. Why is this area so interesting for you and your customers?

I think fixed wireless is one of the areas where it’s really happening quickly and there’s a very good potential in size in that area and it was very good that we now have a chance to add customers in this area.

And let’s talk a little bit about Siemens. It sounds like they have big plans with your technology. I know you cannot comment on that, but can you summarize the opportunity?

It is a quite large company and have been around for quite a while. I would also say that it actually started out of China, which is a huge market. I think that it gives us a great opportunity in the medical field with the 60 gigahertz technology. And I think they’re going to use the technology in many different use cases within the medical. So we have to wait and see what they come up with.

And for the Fortune 100 customers, you mentioned some pilot lines and progress. Tell us a little bit more about this.

So if we if we’re looking at the Fortune 100, we have had one now for almost two years. And that’s the customer that put in an order in October for SEK 4M. And we are progressing well. We are now entering a stage where we are negotiating the next step, the step, which is sort of before any volume where we start looking at pilot lines, as it’s called. So that’s very exciting. The other one is still in research phase, but we are now delivering before the end of the year the first lasers. And it looks really good and we’ve been able to achieve what we wanted. So both of them are progressing very well.

And one piece of news that I think was a little bit overlooked in this report was the new module. Tell us about this module and how significant it is.

We have been able to develop our sort of second generation fixed wireless access module for 60 gigahertz. It’s a two dimensional beam steering, which is one of the first that has that, which is quite exciting. And also we made the module 50 percent smaller at 50 percent lower cost, which will open up for even more volumes in the future, of course. And this new customer, for example, that we talked about, the fixed wireless access, they are going straight into that module. So I think that will create an even bigger interest for our products. And also, of course, being the only module in the world covering 57 to 71 gigahertz. That’s a fantastic position to be in.

And let’s just finish with some quick words on the listing. I think you mentioned that you will hopefully be ready on your part in H1’21.

I mean, we are progressing very well. We are doing all the pre audits and everything right now, which should be finished by the end of the year, where we then take all of that with us and during the first half of the year, start the real audit from Nasdaq. And of course, it’s not up to us if we’re going to enter, it’s the Nasdaq committee who decides that. But we’re working really hard on investing in that right now, this quarter and next quarter. We’re very hopeful that we’ll be in a better position by then.

So new name and new listing soon to come. That sounds great. Thank you so much.

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